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vMix includes some open source libraries. Details of some these libraries and applicable source code are available here.

Release Notes for vMix 15 - 7 March 2015

Instant Replay
  • All new 4 channel instant replay with slow motion playback, event management and more
  • 1 channel suppot included with vMix 4K with 4 channels available in vMix Pro
  • Full feature listing available on help page
  • Ustream and Sunday Streams added to streaming destinations
  • Improved FFMPEG streaming with support for infinite auto-reconnects in the event of internet outage
  • New multiple streaming destination support with easy to use 1,2 and 3 stream selection buttons
  • AJA camera inputs will automatically reset when new video format is detected
Photos, PowerPoint
  • Back/Next buttons added to user interface
  • PowerPoint and Photos slide shows can now be started and stopped through Play/Pause button
  • Default transition time is 2 seconds
User Interface
  • Input numbers will now next to each input title and in the MultiView by default. These can be hidden in Settings -> Display.
  • Image Sequence moved to separate Image Sequence / Stinger Add Input tab. Improved performance when using stingers.
  • Fixed bug when playing Transport Streams that have been running for more than 26 hours
  • Fixed bug with Audio Mixer missing on multiple monitor setups
  • Fixed issue where some videos in a List may appear brighter than expected
  • Fixed bug where dragging a file from the desktop would only work when dragging over a blank space
  • Fixed auto play bug when turning on overlay containing more than one input
  • A number of other minor bug fixes and improvements

Release Notes for vMix 14 - 25 September 2014

Download vMix 14
  • New FFMPEG based streaming support. Provides built in x264 / AAC streaming up to Ultra HD
  • Supports up to three bitrates or up to three separate streaming destinations. See help file for more information
  • Added Meridix CDN integration
  • AJA Kona LHi supported for both input and output
  • Added new Camera dropdown option for Blackmagic devices with better format support
Video Processing
  • New Video Engine with full support for interlaced input, output and recording formats
  • Deinterlacing is now automatic depending on output format
  • Improved frame rate conversion from MOV and MXF sources
  • Improved playback of multiple RTMP streams and Flash videos
  • Improved audio processing quality and stability
  • New SeparateMono option separates a stereo input into two independently controllable Mono audio inputs
  • A combined audio meter can now be viewed on RTMP/Flash inputs
  • MP3 recording audio bit rate selection box added with support for up to 192kbps
  • vMix can now automatically restart after settings are changed
  • General improvements and fixes for Fullscreen settings
  • List editor window has a new Export button to export list as .M3U
  • List entries can be Interlaced flag set for new Video Engine
User Interface
  • Main window and audio mixer positions are now saved
  • If Mouse Click Action is not set to Preview, Cut button under input becomes Preview button
  • Fullscreen dropdown menu changes dynamically depending on
  • Updated folder browse dialog for inputs such as Photos
  • Active in Web Interface renamed to Output
  • CutDirect, SetOutputFullscreen2 and audio bus related shortcuts added. See Shortcut Function Reference in Help for more info
  • Fixed XAML jitter under some system configurations
  • Fixed AAC decoding issue on some RTSP sources
  • Some volume controls were beign displayed for recordings when volume changes were not possible
  • Fixed UI display issues when Windows set to custom DPI
  • Disabled Always On Top for detached audio mixer since it was preventing vNux from closing
  • Resetting offline input was not resetting any attached virtual inputs
  • Reduced flicker when changing volume API
  • New Blackmagic external output device option was not setting connector type
  • WMV recording was rounding 29.97fps to 30
  • Fixed Title Designer issues with some fonts
  • Fixed input selection issue in triggers when input was removed
  • SWF files were playing to quickly
  • Fixed quality issue with MPEG-2 TS recordings
  • Some password symbols did not work with integrated streaming providers
  • SelectIndex shortcut was not working correctly on Virtual Sets
  • Fixed frmfull dispose error
  • Disabled Magewell driver deinterlacing to allow vMix to deinterlace instead
  • Fixed preset not loading zoom speed settings in VirtualSet
  • Fixed playback issues when playing MP3 through FFMPEG

Release Notes for vMix 13 - 22 July 2014

  • Dual Fullscreen Outputs added to vMix 4K Choose from any combination of Preview, Output, MultiView and Inputs for each output
  • New MultiView output option with Titles and Audio Meters displayed alongside previews
  • Output preview in main window can be toggled to preview recording or external output
  • AJA Kona 3G Quad supported for both input and output
  • Support for additional AJA devices will be added in future updates
  • Brand new audio engine with advanced mixing features
  • Support for independent headphones output with Solo control
  • Support for two independent mix buses in addition to Master output
  • Compression and gain can be configured on each output independently
  • Audio mixers can be collapsed vertically like Inputs
  • Audio mixer can be undocked from main window and displayed on separate screen
  • Improved recording stability on slower machines
  • Added support for recording individual audio inputs
  • Added ability to split files seamlessly at regular intervals
  • Added cog icon in MultiCorder to configure codec settings
  • Added support for Elgato Game Capture and LGP Stream Engine
  • Inputs in presets that fail to load will now be loaded in Offline mode Right click Reset can be used when the devices come back online
  • Inputs can be changed to other sources whilst preserving all settings Stream input will attempt reconnection if no video received for 5 seconds
  • Stream input now supports Digest Authentication for RTSP cameras
  • Luma Key support added
  • Key/Fill support added
  • Custom Mouse Click action added for Inputs.
  • Change the click action from Preview to direct Output or turn on or off an Overlay channel.
  • DesktopCapture now supports capturing hidden windows on local machine in Windows 8 and Windows 7 in aero mode.
  • Added additional low latency External Output option for DeckLink cards
    This appears under the Device dropdown menu as the devices model name instead of Decklink Video Render
  • Added ability to split files seamlessly at regular intervals 
  • Improved MPEG-2 reliability and image quality when highly complex scenes are recorded at low bit rates
  • Improved AVI compatibility with editing programs
  • Added support for changing images dynamically in Title Editor
  • Import/Export support added for Presets in CSV format
  • New CDN API allows the selection of streaming providers directly from the Streaming window
  • Added support for separate stream names using ; symbol
  • Added support for additional IP cameras
Virtual Sets
  • Added support for UV mapping to allow for reflections and multiple background screens
  • Blank Virtual Set template added to make it easy to create custom sets
  • Added demo UV virtual set template provided courtesy of VirtualSetWorks
  • Added various shortcuts to support new audio features
  • Added Still Image Snapshot shortcut with configurable filename
  • WriteDuration includes milliseconds for accurate editing
User Interface
  • New Record, External, Stream, MultiCorder and PlayList buttons with red indicators
  • Improved Add Input window with icon indentification
  • Improved Streaming window with Quality (Compression) profiles
  • Added Recent Presets dropdown menu underneath Open Preset
  • T-Bar (Fade bar) will now automatically play/pause video as required
  • Tooltips added to main user interface buttons and controls
  • New REC, EXT and STREAM indicator displays under Output
  • Manual mode added to allow moving through PlayList items manually
  • Changed double click to single click when selecting overlay channels in Output Settings
  • Open preset dialog now shows Titles for all inputs
  • Fixed cropping of inputs usin chroma key anti aliasing
  • Fixed accuracy of audio balance controls
  • Fixed issue with commas affecting Preset settings in certain language regions
  • Additional buffering added to audio outputs to prevent audio dropouts
  • Fixed audio mixer panel adding additional blank space that was not needed
  • Fixed some playback issues with MOV/MXF files
  • Fixed issue when changing an Input title and changing tabs
  • Fixed issue with Default button in settings
  • Fixed issue with editing Local Shortcuts causing duplicates to be added
  • Fixed issue draging and dropping MP3 files into Input list
  • Fixed issue with Web Server / API when streaming is running

Release Notes for vMix 12 - Updated 1 June 2014

  • Support for MOV and MXF video formats in vMix x64
  • MultiCorder supports recording to MPEG-2 Transport Stream
  • Central Audio Source in Settings for Recording, Streaming and External Output
  • Automated tasks can be added to Inputs and triggered automatically on TransitionIn, TransitionOut and Completed events
  • Capture Inputs support a separate delay that can be configured from the Advanced tab under Input Settings
  • RTMP streams will automatically reconnect if connection is lost
  • Local Desktop Capture now available without running vMix Desktop Capture app separately
  • Desktop Capture adds as new crop selection window with drag-and-drop support
  • Capture sources with different frame rates will now play back at the correct speed in Video Delay
  • Video/Delay Playback speed is saved in Presets
  • Capture devices can be renamed from the Add Input - Capture window
  • Virtual Sets can now be imported and exported
  • List Input supports Shuffle and Drag Drop in the Edit window
  • Preview/Output will now resize as needed instead of adding black borders
  • New Open Preset window allowing Inputs to be unticked or appended to an existing session
  • Activation window makes it easy to activate key if hardware has changed
  • Confirmation message added when closing vMix
  • New smoother rendering for animated Titles
  • When in locked mode (Padlock) a warning will appear when clicking a disabled option
  • Checkbox added to settings to disable fading audio when using FTB
  • When previewing an Overlay and a transition is started, the Overlay will be sent to Output as well
External Output
  • Second External Output with customisable source added to HD Pro
  • vMix Desktop Capture now supports High DPI (scaled) desktops under Windows 8 and higher
  • Incorrect Virtual Set layer displayed when opening preset
  • Flash Input was playing on restart when paused
  • Fade overlay transition did not work with anti-aliased sources
  • Master Audio Meter checkbox now works as expected
  • Clicking and dragging items in a Flash Input now works correctly
  • Inputs that have no audio will no longer show an audio meter
  • Fixed and audio issue with some Transport Streams
  • Fixed frame rate issue when recording AVI in interlaced mode
  • Dropped frames statistic is sometimes higher than actual number
  • Audio Mixer updates when using SetVolume shortcut
  • Fixed various bugs when a language uses a comma instead of a decimal point
  • Fixed bugs in how clipping was handled in MultiView
  • Video Delay might flicker under heavy load when delaying the main output
  • Various fixes to Shortcut auto input mapping feature
  • Under consistent heavy load, Stream input may not be able to reduce buffer fast enough. In these situations the buffer is now cleared.
  • Certain language characters were not showing up correctly in Web Interface Title Editor
  • DVD Previous Chapter button now works correctly
  • Recording filename dialog was showing incorrect file type
  • RGB24 spirces were upside down in Video Delay
  • WriteDurationToRecordingLog
    Used to write a market to the current recording log with the duration and an optional name taken from the Value
  • MarkIn, MarkOut, MarkResetIn, MarkResetOut
  • OverlayIn, OverlayOut
  • SelectPlayList, Play, Pause
  • SetMultiViewOverlay, SetZoom, SetPanX, SetPanY
  • SetRate and SetPosition can be used with += or -= to increase or decrease the existing value
  • Flash support added to AddInput
  • Shortcuts will no longer trigger if SHIFT, ALT or CTRL are press at the same time

Release Notes for vMix 11 - Updated 8 January 2014

Web Interface
  • New Web Based Tally Lights: Turn any WiFi capable smart phone into an instant Tally Light
  • New Web Based Title Editor: edit titles live from any web enabled device
  • IPv6 support added
  • Added support for Matrox MXO2 and Mojito series (requires driver 7.5.1 or higher)
  • Video Delay (Instant Replay) saved clips now combined into a single input for easy access
  • List Input Improvements including Remove, Rename, Total Duration and seamless switching between videos
  • Tally Lights now trigger for MultiView inputs and the Fade Bar
  • Flash/RTMP now supports adaptive bitrate streams
  • Virtual Input now saves correctly in Preset
  • Added support for low bandwidth RTSP streams with low bitrate audio
  • vMix Desktop Capture 11 has built in change detection to prevent sending unnecessary frames over the network
  • Improved frame rate conversion for capture sources running at different frame rate to output
  • Mouse click and drag support added to Flash Input. Can also be used as MultiView overlay to allow drawing on top of video (with 3rd party flash control)
  • New MarkIn MarkOut support for video clips, select a custom start and/or stop time
  • Click anywhere on the position bar to instantly move video position
User Interface
  • New colour codec category system for organising inputs. Move inputs into up to 4 different folders or categories
  • New vMix Title Designer: Combine graphics from any program with text fields to create your own Title templates!
  • Timer display now changes to red when 10 seconds or less remaining
  • Two additional transition effects added: VerticleWipe and VerticalSlide
  • New Audio Dynamic Compressor Effect
  • Audio Devices are now sorted alphabetically
  • MP4 Recording has a maximum recording size of 4GB under Windows 7, unlimited under Windows 8
  • Added interlaced workflow support: 59.94p/50p output will be recorded as interlaced when selecting 59.94i/50i in Recording Setup.
External Output / Streaming
  • Streaming Keyframe Interval defaults to 2 seconds to provide out of the box support for YouTube Live
  • Support for additional CDNs with custom stream naming
  • Collapsed state now saves correctly in Preset
  • Fixed Title Menu options disappearing when opening Preset
  • Fixed freezing issues in External Output plus rare recording timestamp errors
  • Fixed RGB32 issue with MultiVIew Output and Photo Snapshots
  • Fixed MultiCorder issue when using other languages
  • Fixed MultiView Cropping resetting when switching tabs
  • Fixed Decklink Audio Renderer not showing in External Output settings. It is recommended for better audio sync
  • Fixed AverMedia Live Gamer HD issues on some graphics cards
  • Fixed right hand side menus were not being translated
  • Fixed 6 hour limit on RTSP and 26 hour limit on Transport Streams
  • XML output expanded with Title/MultiView information
  • SetText function can select field using SelectedName
  • SetImage function can be used to change images in Title Templates

Release Notes for vMix 10 - 1 August 2013

Update 6 August 2013
  • Fix for EdgeCast CDN
  • Profile/Level/Keyframe options added to Streaming Advanced settings
  • Support for more Transport Streams
  • User Interface fixes for desktop scaling
  • New improved Input Settings window with built-in Preview
  • Input Settings MultiView supports custom presets
  • MultiView elements can be dragged around within Input Settings Preview
  • Two independed outputs. 1. Fullscreen 2. External, Streaming and Recording
  • Outputs can be set to either Output, Preview, MultiView or an Input
  • RTSP renamed to Stream with support for Transport Streams (Teradek Sputnik) and additional IP cameras
  • Image Sequence now uses up to 10x less memory
  • Image Input will dynamically check for updates to the source image
  • All video clip inputs are now synchronised with the global frame rate
  • New "Double Box" or MultiView templates added to Virtual Sets
  • Stingers can be configured as "Stinger 1" and "Stinger 2" on any transition button
  • Stingers are now frame accurate, with frame cut point toggle in Overlay settings
  • Overlays can now be previewed by right clicking the 1,2,3,4 buttons
  • Audio Channel Selection (Mono, Left, Right, All)
  • Audio Gain (0 to 24db boost)
  • MP4 Support (H264 Video + AAC Audio)
  • Additional codec support for 64bit including GoPro CineForm
External Output / Streaming
  • Separate resolutions for External and Virtual Capture / Streaming
  • vMix Video and vMix Audio devices can now be used in 3rd party programs even if vMix is not running
  • Advanced button added to Streaming with additional options such as AAC support (when AAC support has been added to FMLE)
  • Live button added to title editor. When de-activated text changes will be previewed only
  • Countdown timer supports displaying up to 99 minutes when in minute:seconds format
  • Performance improvements across the board
  • Updated PlayList manager, it is now easier to switch between different preset playlists
  • Many more API options available including GUID support
  • Added API functions for Deinterlace, Sharpen, Mirror, Picture Transitions, Alpha, Volume and more
  • MultiCorder supports selecting different folders for each camera
  • Many bug fixes and general improvements

Release Notes for vMix - 12 June 2013
  • Improved compatibility with Teradek Cube RTSP streams
  • Basic support for RTSP TCP streams
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 8
  • FIX: External Output button will not stop when Virtual Capture has been disabled

Release Notes for vMix 9 - 8 March 2013

  • Added RTSP support for Teradek Cube and other H264/AAC network cameras and devices
  • Added Image Sequence support
  • Added Alpha Channel checkbox for correct loading of video inputs with alpha transparency.
  • Added ability to apply crop MultiView inputs separately
  • Added support for AverMedia Live Gamer HD
  • Added Integrated Streaming to sites such as LiveStream, UStream and any streaming service that supports the Flash Media Live Encoder.
  • Added Stinger Transitions. Use any input as a transition animation between two sources.
  • Improved audio engine with dynamic resampling to eliminate audio latency issues
    Improved Desktop Capture audio quality
  • New Countdown feature. Automatically count down or up to a user specified time within a Title.
  • Shortcuts can now be configured as Local which will only apply to the active preset
  • Settings are now copied from the Video Delay when creating saved video clips
  • Fixed thumbnail order and loading issues for Photos input
  • Fixed position issues when using the Mirror effect
  • Fixed freezing issue under Windows 8
  • Improved Chroma Key algorithm preserves yellows and oranges.
  • Fixed DirectShow memory leaks

Release Notes for vMix 8 - Updated 6 December 2012
  • New improved "Charcoal 8" interface
  • Web Controller Interface for touch screen devices with Input and Transition buttons
  • New Auto option for PreviewSize improves Preview/Active image quality when resizing screen
  • Audio Meters now available next to each Input
  • Added option to include Master Audio with each MultiCorder recording
  • Fixed accuracy issues with Master Audio Meter
  • Fixed Presets not saving Audio settings for capture inputs
  • Audio Delay option now available for Audio and Capture devices
  • Added "Peaking Hold" feature to Audio Meters to easily identify overamplification
  • Eliminated flicker on all Audio Meters
  • Default Audio BitRate set to 48000
  • Frame accurate audio sync added to vMix Audio
  • Video List renamed to List as it now supports Audio as well
  • Added M3U support to List
  • Improved motion when using animated titles such as the Ticker
  • Improved Chroma Key with advanced transparency control by adjusting the Chroma Key and Chroma Key Filter sliders
  • New Colour Saturation option in Input Settings
  • Customisable Alpha Transparency added to each Overlay channel
  • Photo and PowerPoint transitions now work on Overlays and Preview windows
Desktop Capture
  • Desktop Capture program supports Audio as well as Window selection
  • vMix Desktop Capture program for OSX Lion and higher available
  • New selection interface automatically searches network for available Desktops
  • Additional API options added including Add/Remove Input and SetPosition
  • Fixed rare error when saving VideoDelay files and fixed aspect ratio issues
  • DV-AVI recordings are now Type 2
  • Added option in Settings to automatically use previous recording settings when clicking start
  • Fixed missing preview thumbnails when dragging the Input scroll bar
  • Tally Lights support now much more resilient to errors and will reconfigure devices automatically if they are accidentally unplugged

Release Notes for 2012 v5 - 2 September 2012
  • New CubeZoom effect
  • Borders can now be added to Picture-In-Picture overlays with configurable width and rounded corners
  • Indicators added to output window for Recording and External Output
  • All transition buttons can be configured according to user preference, including effect and duration
  • Shortcuts can now be added for greater than 64 inputs
  • Right click 1,2,3,4 on an active overlay will expand it to full screen if it is in Picture-In-Picture mode
  • SetText option added to API to allow remote changes to titles
  • SaveVideoDelay option added to API
  • Overlay can be set to automatically close after a set period of time
  • Multiple shortcuts can be chained together
  • Virtual GenLock improved
  • Custom Preview/Active colours can be configured in settings
  • Overlay settings are saved with presets

Release Notes for 2012 v4 - 16 July 2012
  • NEW: Virtual Sets - Use live chroma keying to place talent in animated 3d virtual sets
  • NEW: vMix Audio device records only the audio within vMix instead of the entire system
  • NEW: Full 64bit support
  • NEW: Many additional Shortcut Functions added
  • NEW: Web based API
  • NEW: Video Delay can be assigned to Capture Input
  • NEW: Short clips up to 1 minute in length can be saved from Video Delay
  • NEW: Playback speed of video sources can be set from right click menu
  • NEW: Option to force all inputs to use the global frame rate
  • NEW: PNG option added to Desktop Capture
  • NEW: Save image captures to file with the Photo Snapshot button
  • NEW: BOB Deinterlacing option added to Capture. Doubles frame rate to preserve motion.
  • NEW: Text Presets can be configured for Titles and accessed from right click menu
  • NEW: Automatic parsing of YouTube and Vimeo videos in Flash Input
  • NEW: Overlay can be triggered from PlayList
  • NEW: Additional resolution options added for External Output and Recordings
  • NEW: Additional bitrate options added to MPEG-2
  • NEW: Play/Pause button added for each input
  • FIXED: Freezing for up to 5 minutes may occur when Windows reports UI changes
  • FIXED: Recordings now compensate for audio devices that provide incorrect timestamps
  • FIXED: HDV inputs may have dropped frames
  • IMPROVED: Windows 8 supported
  • IMPROVED: Audio Mixer now docks within the main window
  • IMPROVED: Title Ticker cpu usage halved
  • IMPROVED: Improved position accuracy within Input Settings and Overlay Picture In Picture
Release Notes for 2012 v3 - 20 May 2012
  • Desktop Capture performance vastly improved. Now supports full 1080 capture at full frame rate with a fast CPU.
  • Four new Transition Effects: Fly, FlyRotate, CrossZoom and Cube
  • FTB (Fade To Black) Button added which blacks out the fullscreen and recording/external outputs when activated
  • Web Interface for iPad/Tablets shows configured Keyboard Shortcuts as a grid of touch activated buttons
  • Additional functions added to Shortcuts including PlayPause, Restart, Audio toggle, Next Picture and Previous Picture.
  • Import/Export Settings
  • PlayList Previous, Next buttons and option to start from selected item instead of beginning
  • PlayList option to select video from within VideoList
  • New "SlideShow Settings" right click Window with thumbnail previews for PowerPoint and Photos inputs.
  • PowerPoint presentations are now preloaded
  • Improved Video Delay with greater control including ability to stop recording. Additional 2x and 4x speeds available.
  • Added Recent Files list to Flash, Audio, PowerPoint and Photos inputs
  • Automatic reconnect support for RTMP streams
  • Added ability to automatically restart input before transition
  • "Pause After Transition" feature can now be toggled on a per Input basis
  • Two Rows of Inputs can be configured in Settings
  • Desktop Capture now uses Windows Default Cursor instead of generic cursor
  • Reload menu item for Flash and Capture sources so they can be easily restarted in case of hardware error
  • Transparency option added to Colour Adjust tab
  • Improved Ticker Title with adjustable duration
  • Desktop Capture uses cursor from current theme
  • Mirror input effect added
  • Added MKV recording option
  • Tally Lights support up to 7 inputs. Technical information in documentation.
  • Added support for new DeckLink WDM Driver
  • Selectable buffer for live RTMP input
  • FIX: vMix Virtual Audio Capture delay fixed
  • FIX: VideoDelay was using Video Memory when not needed
  • FIX: High Quality scaling was not enabled on nVidia cards when recording to a lower resolution
  • FIX: Self Render setting saved in Preset
  • FIX: Some Audio Input devices would cause an error when selected for a Recording
  • FIX: QuickTime "yuvs" format now supported
  • FIX: QuickPlay and Overlay 3,4 settings were not being saved correctly
  • FIX: Allowed vMix Virtual Audio Capture to work in XP Compatibility Mode under Windows 7
  • FIX: Text Editor would bring up an error if invalid font was selected
  • FIX: Fixed DirectShow memory leaks
  • FIX: MultiCorder recordings for RGB cameras might be upside down
  • FIX: MultiCorder filenames were not unique for identical cameras
  • FIX: Increased available memory on x64 systems
  • FIX: Shortcuts remember assigned inputs in presets
  • FIX: DVD playback may have been freezing under rare circumstances
Release Notes for 2012 v2 - 11 January 2012
  • 11 New high quality HD titles added
  • New lock button prevents accidentally closing inputs and vMix when activated.
  • vMix Virtual Audio Capture device to simplify recording audio in vMix (Windows 7 only)
  • Faster Desktop Capture with three compression options (HighJPEG, MediumJPEG, LowJPEG)
  • Master Audio Meter with option to display in main window
  • Audio File playback support (MP3 and WAV)
  • RTMP source playback support
  • VideoList feature allows playback of multiple video files as a single input (Full SD and HD editions only)
  • Four overlays supported at a time (Full SD and HD editions only)
  • RGB24 Capture support for older capture devices
  • Virtual Capture and DeckLink can now be configured to run at the same time
  • All Recording Settings are now remembered and saved in presets
  • Input Size can be customised
  • Customisable QuickPlay transition and duration
  • Maximum Audio Format of 16bit 48000hz now enforced as higher formats do not work with all programs
  • Improved audio sync in recordings
  • FIXED: PlayList may not play correctly with duplicate entries
  • FIXED: QuickPlay of photos would reset back to start
  • FIXED: EVR memory leak resolved
  • FIXED: Removed green frames that were showing up at the beginning of recordings
  • FIXED: Audio Cross-Fade was not correctly fading when audio levels were not 100%
  • FIXED: Preview window aspect ratio was not correct
  • FIXED: MultiCorder was using an invalid format for some capture devices
  • FIXED: VideoDelay would sometimes cause an error when closing
Release Notes for 2012 v1 - 27 September 2011
  • Title Editor - 12 Presets included
  • MultiView - Combine up to 4 inputs in Split Screen, PIP etc
  • Video Delay - Delay and play back video in slow motion
  • Languages - Multiple languages supported through Google Translate
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • ADDED: MultiView input mute/volume levels are synchronised when fading
  • ADDED: Audio delay selectable from mixer for video sources
  • IMPROVED: Recording performance improved
  • FIX: Only DirectSound Devices are selectable to avoid issues with non-ds sources
  • FIX: External Output with DeckLink now works correctly
  • FIX: Fade bar was showing incorrect frames under certain circumstances
  • FIX: Input list was scrolling randomly in some situations
  • FIX: Resolved PlayList deadlocks
  • FIX: Looping and DVD playback fixed when using EVR renderer
  • FIX: Fixed memory leak with Expression Encoder
Release Notes for 2011 v11 - 13 August 2011
  • PlayList supports starting position for video inputs
  • Saved PlayLists are automatically saved with the vMix preset
  • Improved video recording performance
  • Added ability to block problematic filters (Decoders tab in Settings)
  • Improved Virtual GenLock can now be enabled per input and provides smooth video output when used with DeckLink/Intensity hardware
  • Fixed issue where recordings may stop unexpectedly
  • Added support for more codecs including new CineForm releases
Release Notes for 2011 v10 - 30 July 2011
  • Improved playback of some video formats
  • Eliminated video jitter and dropped frames for some USB capture devices when Virtual GenLock is enabled
  • Audio can now be selected alongside the capture device to ensure both remain in sync
Release Notes for 2011 v9b - 8 July 2011
  • Fixed UYVY output with Flash Media Live Encoder
Release Notes for 2011 v9 - 5 July 2011
  • Chroma Key now automatically detects blue and green screens
  • Fixed PlayList Loop for Video Files
  • Recording Start/Stop was not working correctly under new Charcoal theme
  • Improved performance when recording and streaming at the same time
  • Fixed issues with Expression Encoder
Release Notes for 2011 Beta 5 - 21 May 2011
  • New Colour Scheme (Charcoal)
  • New fullscreen options: Minimise, On Top and Hide Cursor
  • Fixed vMix Virtual Capture compatibility with streaming sites under Internet Explorer
  • Volume meter now scales with volume level
  • Fixed settings such as Loop and Sharpen not saving with Presets
  • File Type Association for vMix 2011 Preset Files (vm6)
  • Audio re-sync option under Recording for audio capture devices that report incorrect times
  • Various bug fixes
Release Notes for 2011 Beta 3 - 8 March 2011
  • New timing code for vMix Virtual Capture.
  • Transition effects can be selected for each overlay.
  • Fixed issue where Overlay Settings were not being saved.
Release Notes for 2011 Beta 2 - 5 February 2011
  • New Transition Effects: Wipe and Slide
  • PlayList support allows automatic switching of Inputs
  • Automatically restart recordings at a set interval
  • Two Overlay channels supported in HD Edition and SD Edition
  • Faster startup time
  • Supports custom WPF User Control assemblies (see Help for more information)
  • Fixed QuickTime looping issue
  • GIF Supported
  • Improved XAML transparency
  • Basic XAML editing features added
  • Auto Black/White Level
  • Set Automatic Audio Mixing on a per Input basis
  • UYVY is now the default recording format, improves CPU usage with MJPEG and CineForm codecs
  • Many more features and numerous bug fixes
Release Notes for V8.1 - 3 November 2010
  • QuickTime support
  • Colour Keying support with automatic Green Screen
  • Automatic Colour Correction
  • Alpha Channel AVI and QuickTime support
  • DV and HDV Audio support
  • Zoom, Rotate, Pan and Crop
  • Overlay can be assigned on a per Input basis
  • Improved recording performance with buffering
  • Aspect Ratio on Preview windows now matches output Aspect Ratio
  • Many more features and numerous bug fixes
Release Notes for V7 - 22 July 2010
  • New improved interface
  • Flash (SWF) support with alpha transparency for overlays
  • WPF (Xaml) support with alpha transparency for overlays
  • Improved documentation
  • Cut option now available directly from individual inputs
  • Improved support for vMix Virtual Capture with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder with better audio sync.
  • DVD Controls moved to right-click menu
  • Photo and Powerpoint transition settings moved to right-click menu.
  • Added ability to right click Photo input to jump directly to an image.
  • Colour Key enhanced with "tolerance" sliders. This option allows a wider range of colours to become transparent.
Release Notes for RC 6 - 2 June 2010
  • Smoother output to vMix Virtual Capture
  • Fixed stuttery playback of DVDs in Windows 7
  • Fixed empty decoder selection box in settings under Windows 7
Release Notes for RC 4 - 29 May 2010
  • vMix Virtual Capture now works without requiring administrator permissions under Windows 7
  • vMix Virtual Capture now supports Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder and many other streaming programs
  • Added Audio Delay option when recording to allow user to specify an audio delay to compensate for video delay.
  • Additional file extensions added to Open File Dialog including PPTX for PowerPoint 2007 files.
  • Auto vMix Deinterlace checkbox in settings under Decoders can be set to use vMix's own deinterlacing for MPEG Decoders that do not include deinterlacing. (Useful for built in Windows 7 MPEG 2 Decoder)

Release Notes for RC 3 - 5 April 2010
  • New Time Accurate Fading, fade durations are now the same regardless of frame rate. Fade Button = 0.5 Seconds, Fade x1 = 1 Second, Fade x2 = 2 Seconds
  • Overlay now follows aspect ratio
  • The Title of each input can now be customised by double-clicking the title bar above the input.
  • Fixed issue when saving Desktop Capture as a preset.
  • vMix Virtual Capture support. A vMix Virtual Capture device can now be setup as an external output. This device will show up in popular capture programs and streaming web sites such as Windows Media Encoder and UStream.
  • Additional capture devices supported.
Release Notes for RC 2 - 2 March 2010
  • Support for advanced Frame Rates: 23.976p, 25p, 30p, 29.97p, 50i, 59.94i, 60i, 50p, 59.94p, 60p
  • New Virtual GenLock for Capture Devices, enabled by default, ensures capture devices are synchronised.
  • Registration enhanced to support multiple trials on different computers with a single email address.
  • Null Audio Renderer support
Release Notes for RC 1 - 24 February 2010
  • vMix now requires registration. A FREE basic edition is available along with a 60 day fully functional trial. At the end of the trial period purchase options will be made available via this web site.
  • Fixed issue with x and y co-ordinates in Desktop Capture
  • New option to display cursor when using Desktop Capture
  • Resolved issues with playing back DVDs and MPEG-2 files, may have caused jittery playback.
  • Resolved issue with Audio Meters not updating.
  • New Options tab in Settings allows automatic advanced mode on startup.
Release Notes for Beta 10 - 1 February 2010
  • Main Window can now be resized
  • DV/HDV Support Added (note that these devices have a half-second delay and may not be suitable for live applications)
  • New Capture Engine
  • WMV Streaming and Recording Support
  • Added vMix Desktop Capture Server icon to Start Menu, this can be used with the Desktop Capture option within Add New Input
Release Notes for Beta 6 - 28 December 2009
  • Improved compatibility with Capture Devices
  • Fixed issues when recording audio with DV format
  • Audio Meters for all inputs now appear in a single window.
  • Additional Audio Levels added to support on-board sound devices.
Release Notes for Beta 4 - 28 November 2009
  • Improved compatibility with Capture Devices
Release Notes for Beta 3 - 25 November 2009
  • Fixed frame rate bug with NTSC analog capture devices
  • Crossbar automatically detected for capture devices
Release Notes for Beta 2 - 22 November 2009
  • Improved support for NTSC analog capture devices
  • Fixed bug when selecting inputs
  • This beta release will expire 1 March 2010. A newer release will be made available before this date.
  • Beta 1 has been tested on Windows XP Professional SP3 32bit and Windows 7 Professional 32bit. On 64bit systems, vMix will run in 32bit mode.
  • Take note of the system requirements on the Supported Hardware page.
  • All bug reports should be sent to the contact details on the About page.