Live Streaming

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NOTE: Please see the Streaming help guide for a simpler streaming method.

The following is a guide on how to manually stream vMix to one of the many online streaming services such as uStream and Livestream.

The guide below is specific to uStream but you should be able to modify the final step (Step 8) below to suit any other flash streaming service.

1. Download and install the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

2. Make sure Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is NOT running and then open vMix and setup your video sources.

3. From the vMix settings under the External Output tab make sure that vMix Video Device is selected

4. In Advanced Mode click the Start button next to the External label at the bottom of the main vMix window.

5. Open Flash Media Live Encoder

6. Select vMix Video from the Device drop down box in Flash Media Live Encoder

7. From the Audio drop down box select vMix Audio (or "What U Hear" or "Wave" or "Stereo Mix" if supported by your sound card)

8. Follow the instructions at the streaming service website on linking up Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder to the streaming service.

The uStream instructions are here: