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Capture a remote desktop screen through this option.

The computer you wish to capture will need a copy of vMix installed and the vMix Desktop Capture Server program will need to be running on that computer.

(The vMix Desktop Capture Server icon can be located in the Start Menu)

Automatic Searching

vMix will automatically search your network for machines running the vMix Desktop Capture Server program.

If no computers appear in the list, please check the following:

  1.        Go to Control Panel
  2.        Go to System and Security
  3.        Go to Windows Firewall
  4.        In the left hand column select "Allow program or feature through Windows Firewall"
  5.        Select Change Settings
  6.        Select Allow Another Program at the bottom of the screen
  7.        Select vMix Desktop Capture from the list and click OK

Enter Manual IP Address

Specify an IP Address or Host Name of the computer manually if it does not appear in the list above.


Once the Desktop Capture input has been added the following window will appear.

This window can also be accessed by right clicking the Input in the vMix main window once it has been added.


Select a window on the remote desktop to capture, you can also select Desktop to capture the entire screen.


When the Window option has been set to Desktop you can select a display where the remote computer has multiple screens, or set a custom resolution using the X, Y, W and H boxes provided.


Specify the compression quality for the capture. LowJPEG is recommended for low speed networks or slow computers.

Frames Per Second

Specify the Frames Per Second to capture from the remote computer.

Colour Key

Set a colour to use as the transparent colour for this input when using it as an Overlay.

Show Cursor

Show the cursor on the captured screen.

Audio (Windows 7 only)

Select this button to capture the Audio of the remote desktop if the computer is running Windows 7.